Case Study: Alexandra

Jazz Singer from Paris

Hair Type: Afro Caribbean, relaxed hair, totally unmanageable

Treatment Summary

All the Japanese systems claim that they cannot straighten Afro hair, but after 4 hours testing and mixing, Mei Turner managed to find a solution for this client’s hair. She successfully straightened her hair from very tangled, frizzy and impossible to comb-through hair to become soft and smooth.


My hair looks gorgeous, and my fiancé does not want me to put them in a ponytail anymore, he loves it, and i do too, so i wear them lose all the time, i am in Paris at the moment, my mum and my friends have seen the difference and think it looks very good.

Thank you very much for bringing such a great technology into Europe. I hope you are doing well with the Salon and the music, take care of your beautiful self and “a bientot”.


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